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Let us handle the following excess baggage shipping needs for you, today:

  • Unaccompanied luggage shipping
  • International sea freight or air freight for individuals
  • Unaccompanied baggage both domestic and international
  • Sports equipment air freight anywhere
  • Personal effects shipments for overseas assignments
  • Overweight baggage at much less than airline costs
  • Household transfers by air freight or sea freight
  • Excess baggage shipping for that year spent studying abroad

We ship by Air or Sea Freight to and from anywhere in the world!
We also handle door to door shipments for your convenience.
We ship anything to anywhere.

Use our services for all your needs with: excess baggage. Shipping excess baggage is extremely costly with commercial airlines and they will not do door to door shipping or handle unaccompanied luggage. Excess-baggage is any baggage that weighs over the allowed airline weight limits. We, at xsbaggage, ship golf clubs, unaccompanied baggage, and spend our days and nights worldwide shipping your freight by both air freight and sea freight. We have special student discounts, handling all their excess luggage shipping needs.

For household removals or international moves, we can easily do sea freight to accommodate large amounts of excess baggage and unaccompanied baggage or unaccompanied luggage. Sea freight is much less expensive but takes longer. With sea freight, you also want to be careful to deliver your goods to one of our depots to save yourself line haul costs. You can also use packing boxes, shipping tea chests ,shipping boxes, all the best ways to handle overseas removals, international freight, and air freight and sea freight.

We are very glad to give you a listing of all of our competitors. All you need to do is to go to our useful links page (see the navigation bar on the top left) and look at the refreshing ads for competitors on the bottom right hand side. Why would we do that? That is how confident we are that our excess luggage shipping service, efficiency, and low cost will cause you to want to use our services and refer others to us.

As a world traveler, you need world-class service for all of your world baggage. Call us today or get an online quote and make your booking, all online.

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