Filling Out the Shipper's
Letter of Instruction
and other Paperwork

We can get your goods moved quickly.
  • Just download and print the Shipper's Letter of Instruction 

    Click here to download and print off the 'Shipper's Letter of Instruction' and fill in by hand. It is a PDF document. For your convenience, this document will appear in a separate window. Here is what to do next:

    • Print off the form, fill it in by hand and sign the form .
    • Fax that SIGNED copy to us at XSBaggage (see fax number on the right hand side of this page).

  • Goods are accepted and carried subject to our terms & conditions. Read these.
  • Your shipment is also subject to a Dangerous Goods statement. Please print off that document (Dangerous Goods statement), sign it and fax it back to us.

  • Download a copy of our Shipping Checklist and follow the directions.

  • Call us notifying us of your shipment request at:
    (64) 9 256 0260
    Int'l: +1 (64) 9 256 0260
  • Pack your goods carefully - we can supply boxes
  • Drop off the goods, or ask us to pick them up.
  • Safe - Easy - Affordable!

New Zealand

XS Baggage NZ

New Zealand Toll Free:
0800 - 497 - 2244

New Zealand Branches:
(09) 256 - 0260

(04) 914 - 4321

(03) 961 - 1627
Mon - Fri
9:00am - 5:00pm

Drop off by appointment

Excess baggage shipping worldwide

International Offices:

United Kingdom:

+44 (0)20 8432 2747

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