All shipments by air and sea need to have the following documentation completed. You will need to print off each of these documents and complete all questions. We also need a copy of the photo page of your passport along with a copy of any relevant visas.

Documents that need to be completed:

  1. Shipper's Letter of Instruction 
    This is the shipping instructions for both sea and air. This document tells us your details and the services you require.

  2. Dangerous Goods Declaration
    This document lets us know if any dangerous goods are in your bags and boxes. These must be declared. All bags and boxes are x-rayed and/or searched for safety reasons. Please note: If you tick 'yes' to any question, please check with us if you are permitted to send the item.

  3. Packing List
    This is used to inform MAF and Customs what you have packed and their values. You must declare exactly what is in each box or bag you are sending. You must also declare if they are new or used. You cannot put "Personal Effects".

Once all documents have been completed, please send a copy back to our office either by email or fax. Remember to send a copy of your passport photopage and relevant visas as well.

Other useful documents:

  1. Shipping Labels 
    Please make sure these are attached securely to each item.

  2. Terms and Conditions
    Goods are accepted and carried subject to our terms & conditions. Read these.

  3. Customs Forms
    All the forms you need to send your baggage with XS Baggage can be downloaded here as pdf files using Adobe Acrobat reader or call us and we can email or fax the documents to you..
  • Call or email us to notify us when your boxes and bags are ready to be collected. Pack your goods carefully and in a manner suitable for overseas transit. The best and cheapest place to buy boxes and tape is your local stationery store.

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