About XSBaggage NZ


Established in 2004, XSBaggage NZ specializes in sending personal effects around the world and back, and is the exclusive New Zealand representative of the World Baggage Network. We have over 40 years of experience in the freight industry with specific expertise in handling a wide range of shipment sizes. We are able to collect, or deliver, personal effects from nearly any address within New Zealand.

We have a hands on approach to international shipping, no matter the size of the shipment. We treat all customers with the utmost of personal attention, knowing that every shipment requires specialized care, just like each customer. We personally manage your shipments from the time you book your shipment to the time it arrives at its destination and every step in between.

What we do:

We get your shipment where it needs to be.  Most of our shipments are boxes of household goods, clothes, books, and other items that are too large or heavy for travelers to carry with them, and smaller residential relocations.  We also routinely handle individual pieces of luggage, bicycles, motorcycle equipment, and gifts.  We are even capable of arranging the specialty transportation needed for priceless artwork, musical instruments, and machinery. 

It doesn’t matter if it is one small item, or a full shipping container, we can get your things where they need to go.  If you have something that needs to be shipped to or from New Zealand, XSBaggage NZ is right for you. 

Who uses XSBaggage?

Anybody!  We have arranged shipments for international relief organizations, universities, camera crews, students, teachers, interns, expats and even royals.  Let us arrange a shipment for you too!