Shipping with XSBaggage is simple. Here’s how it works.


How to ship your excess baggage, luggage, sports equipment, boxes, musical instruments, or whatever else you can think of:

  1. Get a quoteContact us for your customized quote that takes into account every aspect of your shipment.
  2. Schedule your shipment – The easiest way to book is using our online booking form. Of course you can always contact us by phone or using our contact page!  Once we receive your booking details we will contact you to double check all of the information.
  3. Pack – This is your job.  Contact us if you need assistance with this and we will work with our partners to arrange whatever help we can.
  4. Attach labels –  We will send you labels to put on your bags or boxes.
  5. Pick-up/Drop off – If you are shipping door to door, we will schedule with one of our partners to pick-up your shipment.  If you are using our depot drop off service, you will need to drop your shipment off at the depot. We will give you instructions for this.
  6. Receive your shipment – You or somebody you designate will receive your shipment upon arrival.
  7. Refer your friends – Word of mouth is the best advertising in the world.  We know your shipment with us went well.  Please share the word with your friends, family, colleagues, or anybody else that may need to ship something!