Founded in Auckland, NZ in 2002 with US operations starting in 2005, XSBaggage is the exclusive US member of the World Baggage Network, a group of approximately 40 shipping, logistics, and transportation companies worldwide.  With over 25 years in the freight and logistics industry, we are experts in the transportation of personal effects that encompasses various modes of transport including air, sea, and land.

Our goal is to earn the opportunity to partner with you for your pending shipment and to find a solution that fits your requirements and your budget.  Rest assured no one will work harder than XSBaggage to achieve this outcome!

What we do:

We get your stuff where it needs to be.  Our most common shipments are boxes of household goods, clothes, books, and other items that are too large or heavy for travelers to carry with them.  Additionally we can ship your luggage, bicycles, motorcycle equipment, or gifts.  We have even arranged for the shipment of priceless artwork, musical instruments, and machinery.  Other items we have shipped include stage sets for a well known acrobatic group and camera gear for popular TV shows.  It doesn’t matter if it is one small item, or a full shipping container, we can get your things where they need to go.  If you have something that needs to be shipped to or from the United States, contact us.  We will help you get it there.  Some items may be restricted due to local laws.  Hazardous cargo requires additional forms, cost, and special handling.

Who uses XSBaggage? Anybody!  We have arranged shipments for international relief organizations, universities, camera crews, students, teachers, interns, expats and even royals.  Let us arrange a shipment for you too!

Our Facts and Questions page can help answer more questions you may have about our business.

Looking for a position with XSBaggage? We have the following open position. Contact us between May 6 and May 20, 2021.

EMPLOYER NAME: Global Travel and Transport Services d/b/a XS Baggage
POSITION TITLE AND DUTIES: Online Operations Specialist – Coordinate business activities for a variety of online operations and services, using the highest level of communication with customers and business partners, customer service, and creative solutions for customers and working on multiple projects simultaneously with short-term deadlines and competing priorities. Duties include filling customer orders and processing all shipping documentation from A to Z, including for import and export shipments; providing shipping information and required documentation to customers and other appropriate parties in the United States and internationally, including loading facilities, trucking companies, ocean/air freight, U.S. customs brokers, expediters, and warehouses; providing realtime
updates to customers and partners via e-mail, telephone, or other electronic methods to address questions, complaints, and other online feedback; handling financial tasks in a timely and accurate manner, including creating invoices and calculating purchase and shipping totals; developing and implementing online media strategy, including social media; promoting the company in online
communities through a variety of online media; and composing descriptions of the company’s services for posting to online channels; and preparing online storefront marketing material, optimizing content to search engine criteria.
PREVAILING WORKING CONDITIONS: Work schedule Monday through Friday, 9am to 5:30pm.
MINIMUM JOB REQUIREMENTS: (1) Bachelor’s degree with a major in communication or very closely-related field such as marketing. (2) 12 months of work experience in a customer relations and/or social media specialist position, to include working on multiple projects simultaneously with short-term deadlines and competing priorities, as well as preparing content for social media.


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