Here is a list and description of the services XSBaggage can provide for you.

Air Freight

Shipping by air freight is a great option if your shipment is less than 10 boxes and is the quickest way to get your items delivered.  The full process will likely take 2-4 days once your booking is complete and confirmed.

Sea Freight

Shipping by sea is best for larger shipments.  The full process will take 2-4 weeks depending on your origin and destination, the ship type and size, and predetermined ports of call for the vessels at the time.

Door to Door Shipment

A door to door shipment is most likely your best and easiest way to send your luggage, send gifts overseas, or get your heavy items from point A to point B.  We can have your items picked up and delivered from your house, apartment, work location, or even hotel.  This service usually includes customs clearance for you and delivery to the location of your choosing.  Some hotels may charge for storing your items and you will need to arrange that with them ahead of time to avoid any surprises.

Door to Depot Shipment

A door to depot shipment is likely the second best option, but is usually less expensive than door to door, so it is attractive depending on you budget.  With this option your shipment will be picked up from the location you chose and will be delivered to a depot.  If you are shipping by air, this will be the airport.  If you are shipping by sea, this is usually the port.  You are responsible for retrieving your goods at the depot, clearing customs, and delivering to your destination on your own.

Depot to Door Shipment

A depot to door shipment is the reverse of a door to depot shipment.  Once scheduled, you are responsible for delivering your shipment to one of our partner depots.  From there it will be shipped to the final destination.

Depot to Depot Shipment

A depot to depot shipment is a blend of the last two.  With this you will deliver your shipment to a partner depot and pick your shipment up on your own at the destination.

International Courier

Our international courier service is designed for very small items, usually less than 20kg.

Customs Clearance

One of the most frustrating parts of traveling, or shipping overseas, is the customs process.  We’d hate for you to use another company for your shipping, but we understand.  We can arrange for the customs clearance to be handled for you anyway if your paperwork is complete.  You will then be responsible for retrieval of your shipment.

Customs Clearance and Delivery

Our customs clearance and delivery service is our customs clearance service with the addition of delivery of your shipment to it’s final destination.  This is often a service we provide if your shipment was arranged through one of our international partners.


We can arrange to store your items during your travels.


You can add additional insurance for 2% of the claimed value of your goods, with a minimum charge of $50.  So, on a $2,000 shipment, your insurance cost would be $50.  On a $10,000 shipment, the cost would be $200.

Bag Wrapping

We can arrange for your luggage to be plastic wrapped to protect it in shipment.


If you are shipping more than one item, your shipment will most likely be placed and wrapped on a pallet for transit.

ISF Filing

We can file your Importer Security Filing form, known at the 10+2 form.


While we traditionally work with individuals transporting small shipments, we can arrange for the import or export of goods to and from the USA.  This requires more paperwork and there are more laws to deal with, but we can do it.

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