Here are the answers to some of our most common questions.  As always, feel free to contact us with any other questions.

What can I ship?

You can ship pretty much anything that is legal at your origin and destination from the size of a small bag to a full shipping container. We have arranged transport of pets, vehicles, precious artwork, luggage, heavy machinery, bicycles, golf clubs, miscellaneous sports equipment, and many other items. Just ask. Some items may be restricted due to local laws.
Hazardous cargo requires additional forms, cost, and special handling.

What documents do you need to send my shipment?

To clear the shipment through customs, we will require a copy of your passport (photo page) and a packing list describing the contents of each package as well as a value asigned to each item. All relevant forms can be downloaded from our website under the ‘Forms” section or can be obtained by contacting us when you make a booking. If you expect to start packing soon, we suggest that you take notes of the contents in detail.

How long will delivery take?

These are average times from our ‘Gateway” depots in the USA (Los Angeles, Chicago, New York City). These assume that we receive all necessary documentation from you in a timely manner.

Air: 2-4 days
Sea: 2-4 weeks

How far in advance should I make a reservation?

We recommend that you give us at least 2 to 3 days notice to make a booking. We can work with just 24 hours notice if you are really in a hurry!

Can I send suitcases?

Absolutely. You can also send cardboard boxes (make sure they are durable such as double walled to protect your goods), trunks, plastic containers.

Can you arrange storage?

Many of our customers travel before reaching their final destination. We can arrange a flight that will arrive at the destination airport just before (or after) your arrival. For sea freight, we will try to arrange a ship that will arrive at your convenience.
Tip: Storage is far less expensive at the origin than at the destination, in most cases.

Does weight matter for sea freight service?

The weight limit per cubic meter is 1000 kgs (2200 lbs)! Therefore, usually, the weight will not be a consideration. However, if you require the goods to be picked up and transported overland, trucking charges ARE based on weight.

Is there a weight limit per box?

The box needs to be light enough for one person to lift. If it is too heavy, then you will need two men at an additional cost if there is pickup involved at either end of the shipment.

How big is a cubic meter?

This is about 30 cubic feet and equivalent to about 5 to 7 medium sized suitcases.

Will I have to pay any duties or taxes at the destination?

In most countries, there is no duty or tax if the goods have been owned for more than 12 months for returning residents. This does vary by country, however.

Who measures the boxes to calculate my final shipping charges?

The freight is weighed and measured at the freight depot when it is delivered. Confirmation of these measurements will be provided to you as a standard feature of our service.

How much is cargo insurance?

Insurance is 2.5% of the value of the goods, with a minimum of $60. On a $2,000 shipment, the cost would be $60. On a $10,000 shipment, the cost would be $250.

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