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by Emily on XSBaggage
Best shipment company ever !

I had used xs baggage to have 3 suitcases shipped from usa to the Netherlands. they were super helpful and friendly. also sending your goods is affordable, and there are almost no things that can not send them for you. also the shipment goes very fast I had it in 2 days! I would certainly recommend XS baggage to everyone for sending your goods.

by Tynan on XSBaggage
Magnificent Service

Jessie and the crew at XSBaggage were sublime. From initial contact, through each step of the process, and culminating with delivery, communication was fast and reliable and I always felt I was in good hands. I was even accommodated when I needed my goods to be stored before I found a place in my new home country as well as when I asked for my receipts to be split up for expense purposes. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again!

by Chris Taylor on XSBaggage
Amazing service

Sent 3 boxes from the USA to Australia
The Agent was very responsive and helpful with all aspects of sending my shipment. The price was the cheapest I could find AND incredibly I the shipment was picked up on Friday and arrived in Melbourne on Monday!
Thank yo all for a great experience

by Krystina on XSBaggage

Ralph and the XSBaggage team helped me moved my 3 bedroom apartment from South Florida to South Texas. Process was easy to deal with and each question was answered with no issue. I highly recommend this service for all shipping needs.

by Nicholas on XSBaggage

Ralph and the XSBaggage team helped arrange transport of my bag from US to NZ at very short notice, including arranging for the bag to be re-packed in a box so it could be shipped via DHL. Everything arrived safely, I am happy with this service.

by Elizabeth on XSBaggage

Jessie and the team at XSBaggage walked me through every step of my move from the US to The Netherlands. I had a lot of worried questions, but they put me at ease with their patience and amazing customer service. They connect you with real people and local services on the ground, which makes communication easy and clear. Can’t recommend enough. Thanks!

by Krsna-Kumari on XSBaggage
Super Service!

I am a handicapped Senior citizen and I carry expensive supplements when I travel. I became ill and had to return suddenly to the USA. I came back from Denmark in the summer and left my bags there hoping to get them transported home. My doctor warned me that my supplements would spoil if transported in too much heat. I live in Arizona, so its really HOT here. Ralph at xsbaggage helped me devise a plan so that the bags would not be sitting in some delivery truck in the heat. He was on top of every detail and kept in communication. I am completely satisfied with the result- I have my bags in perfect condition.

by Daina on XSBaggage
Wonderful service

I was very happy with the service I received from XS Baggage when shipping my belongings from Alaska to Australia. Both Ralph and Jessie were very helpful throughout the process and responded quickly to my enquiries. This is the second time I have used XS Baggage and I would not hesitate to use them again.

by Paul on XSBaggage
Shipping Made Easy

I moved from Amsterdam to Kansas City and all my stress was eliminated after my first call. Ralph Linardic and Jessie Saint-Cyr took care of all arrangements, paperwork, customs and made it look easy. I highly recommend them to anyone moving around the world!!

by Eleanor on XSBaggage
Such great service

From the very first email with Ralph about my precious items being shipped from New Zealand to Hawaii, he was both professional yet personable, offered great service at fair prices and personal service! His way of communicating was uncomplicated and friendly, and I can highly recommend Ralph and XS Baggage for your shipping needs. Thanks so much for representing XS baggage so well.

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